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Products Offered by BCA Life Insurance

Products Offered by BCA Life Insurance- Now, we can see that more and more Indonesians are buying insurance products.

Be it life insurance, vehicle insurance, or health insurance. And if you pay attention, health insurance seems to be one type of insurance that is very much in demand in the country.

This may be due to several things. One of them is considering the cost of hospitalization at the hospital which is very expensive. Because per night alone can reach several hundred thousand.

Well, the high interest of the Indonesian people towards health insurance, and the increasing number of people who make purchases seem to have made a lot of companies that issue these products.

One of them is the BCA. Who doesn't know BCA? It seems that almost everyone is familiar with BCA bank.

Because this private bank offers a variety of extraordinary services. In addition, they are also one of the best banks that are recognized by the community around us.

Why is that? Because BCA is considered capable of providing excellent service, serving all its customers perfectly, or something else.

And in 2014, BCA then offered health insurance products as well. His name is BCA Life.

For those of you who are familiar with what BCA looks like, of course, there is no doubt about the quality of the services offered.

But actually, what are the products offered by this BCA Life Insurance? For those of you who are curious, consider the following recommendations.

BCA insurance products

Before buying an insurance product, you are required to study each product well.

Because then, you can choose a product that suits your needs. Well, here are some recommendations for insurance products that can be customized.

Hospital 100 percent refundable

The first product is 100 percent refundable hospital. This health insurance product is a program that will provide protection with coverage in the form of daily replacement costs for incentive treatment unit rooms, whether caused by accidents or pain.

Then, it also includes reimbursement of daily expenses for inpatient rooms.

And what's no less interesting, this one product will provide a 200 percent refund for those who died. And also return the premium 100 percent for those who have paid 10 years alias as long as the policy is still valid.

Both those who have claimed hospitalization or not. If we look at the premiums offered by this company, it is quite affordable.

Because there are only offered for 100 thousand per month. It depends on the product to be purchased.

In addition, you can also include your family in the form of a spouse and children, and you will be given a discount when you make an annual cash payment at once.

Bima protect my health

For the second BCA insurance product, there is Bima Protection for My Health. This product will also provide benefits.

No less interesting than the first. Where, this one health insurance product will provide benefits in the form of compensation for hospital stay history, and death. Whether caused by accident or disease. The premium is also light.

Apart from the BCA insurance products above, there are several other products that you can also try.

What is clear, just adjust it to the insurance needs of you and your family. Thus a glimpse of the best health insurance companies, may be useful.

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